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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Starting With “the Amazing Spider-man”-mcu Part 1

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Starting With “the Amazing Spider-man”-mcu Part 1

My take on a new, redux version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with “The Amazing Spider-Man”.
Keep in mind, this is an ALL NEW take on Spider-Man. I am planning on my own takes on much of the Marvel universe so here this goes… they are just all the big tidbits from it.

- Peter Parker is a 30 year old in this film, working for the Daily Bugle, where he is sent by J. Jonah Jameson too take pictures of a crashed meteorite in Central Park.

- There are tons of people gathering around the scene being blocked off by the NYPD, including Captain George Stacy. Peter is dating his daughter, Gwen Stacy, who is a scientist teacher… George allows Peter to get up close to take pics.

- At the scene, a glob of black ooze straps onto Peter's shoe.

- After Peter returns the photos to the Bugle, he gets back to his apartment where he falls asleep and awakens to see the black substance crawling all over his body.

- He freaks out, watches in awe and decides to take a sample of it and show Gwen.

- He gets to the science lab where Gwen works, and presents it to her and her partner Dr. Curt Connors to study it. Gwen is best friends with the Connors, and occasionally looks after his son Billy. They cant figure out what it could be, and Peter leaves it with them to run more studies on it.

- Peter visits his Aunt May to help her move out of her house, and in the process discovers a box in the basement that was owned by his father, Richard Parker. He looks through and discovers blue prints for a device – a web shooter.

- The web shooter in this version is mechanical AND organic.

- Peter takes after his father, who was a genius and even worked at Stark Industries for much of his life. Peter finishes what his father intended to make and decides to use the web shooters to his advantage to make more money.

- Gwen has been helping Dr. Curt Connors find a way for him to grow back his arm, which he lost in the war. After a long period of time, Connors figures out the solution and attempts to grow it back using reptilian DNA. While Gwen talks to her father over the phone she mentions the black ooze that Peter brought to her lab. George is interested, and in the middle of the conversation, Connors uses it and becomes The Lizard, the symbiote breaks out of the container holding it and attacks Gwen. He hears this and rounds up a group of cops, who quickly get to the scene. The lab is destroyed, on fire even, and Gwen is knocked unconscious. All of her work is ruined and burned within the ashes. As well as The Lizard and the symbiote both gone from the scene.

- Peter is given the call and quickly arrives at the hospital, and does not even get to see Gwen, but is repremanded by Captain Stacy and is threatened by him, telling him he holds him accountable and if she does not make it, he is dead.

- Peter feels ashamed and takes out his anger by going out and beating up thugs with web shooters, which makes him all the more powerful. To cover up his face, he puts on a home made Spider costume. In the moment, photos are taken of him by Eddie Brock and is given to the Daily Bugle.

- When Peter arrives home, he quickly dozes off to sleep, with the costume on. The symbiote comes back to his apartment and attaches itself to him, and he awakens on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. He feels good about it, and swings around with the web shooters feeling like the world is in the palm of his hands.

- Peter arrives at the Daily Bugle, where J. Jonah Jameson and Joseph “Robbie” Robertson introduces Peter to the new photographer, Eddie Brock. Peter is shocked to see the pictures that Brock took were of himself dressed up from the night before. Peter also meets the new Daily Bugle secretary, Mary Jane Watson, who Eddie is obsessed with.

- Peter and Mary Jane become good friends, and share some great moments together. When Peter arrives home, he sees a voice message from the hospital telling him Gwen is dead. This changes him, and vows to avenge her by stopping all criminal acts in New York.

- Peter confides in Mary Jane, who comforts him. Eddie becomes jealous.

- Captain Stacy puts out a search warrant for Spider-Man, who is known to the public now. Stacy knows this is Peter Parker because of his use of the symbiote.

- Peter breaks into the police department and finds a videotape showing the event, and sees that The Lizard was the main cause of her death and also sees the symbiote played a factor. He decides that once he kills The Lizard, he will exterminate the symbiote. Because of this video being in Stacy's use, he knows Stacy knows the truth that Peter was NOT the reason Gwen died.

- Peter confronts Stacy, who reveals that it was a ploy to get the symbiote in his possession. He tells Peter to either give it up, or he will be hunted down. Peter decides not to give it up and use it for his own intentions, after which Stacy calls in his men to take Pete down. Peter escapes.

- Peter is given info from Mary Jane as to the where abouts of The Lizard, courtesy of J. Jonah Jameson. The Lizard is in the sewer, planning to create a race of Lizards.

- Spider-Man breaks into the sewer and fights off a pact of Lizard creatures, who were formally human like Connors. Eventually, Spider-Man finds Lizard and and after a gruesome battle ensues, Spider-Man finally gets the opportunity to strike and kill him but realises that Lizard is in fact, Dr. Connors, one of Gwen's greatest friends. In fact, Gwen even considered his son to be his own. Peter lets him go and contemplates over what he has done.

- Spidey stays with The Lizard, who over time turns back to Connors. Spidey unmasks himself to be Peter and and Connors helps him rid the symbiote.

- Connors trys a technique, and fails. After a series of attempts, Connors finally finds a way to get the symbiote off of Peter and it works perfectly. The symbiote blows to bits and pieces, and Peter helps Connors to clean up the mess.

- Later on, the symbiote recreates itself and from its memories decides to make Mary Jane its next victim.

- When the symbiote arrives to Mary Jane's, Eddie is there drinking and sneaking into her house while she is gone. It decides to bind to him instead, and create VENOM. Eddie is shown all that Peter has done with the symbiote.

- Eddie stays and hides, and when Mary Jane arrives he attempts to rape her but after being punched out, he decides to use her as bait to trap Peter.

- He brings her to an abandoned, old building and ties her up with his own webbing. The symbiote has developed by now to be able to create anything, and Eddie uses webs to mirror Peter.

- Eddie calls Peter down and he arrives, where Eddie plans to unmask Peter in front of Peter and kill him straight after. A major fight goes down, and after Peter is knocked out, Eddie is about to unmask him. Mary Jane then quietly gets herself out of the tied web and beats Eddie/Venom with a piece of debris.

- Peter gets the upper hand and is able to remove the the symbiote by hitting a piece of debris, which makes a loud sound that causes the symbiote to leave off Eddie. This kills the symbiote permanently, with Eddie weak and unconscious.

- Spider-Man grabs Mary Jane and flys off when he sees Stacy coming up with his men. They share an intimate moment and Mary Jane falls in love with Spider-Man. While Peter realises he has more feelings for Mary Jane then he realised he had.

- The film ends with Peter being told by his Aunt a saying his uncle used to use: “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility” at Gwen Stacy's funeral. Captain George Stacy looks at Peter as if he is saying “I am watching you”.

- The film then cuts to Peter giving a speech about Gwen, flying away with a new suit he made up himself to fight crime with as Spider-Man.

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